Most people have the tendency to dwell on the decisions we made in our past, whether it was the right or wrong one.

What we don’t realize is that life is constantly changing, and we should be flexible enough to ride along with it so that we can survive and be able to live our lives to the fullest.

As you can see, I was born in a family of optometrists. My great grandfather was an optometrist and he was one of the pioneer of the optical industry here in the Philippines.

After him was my grandfather, then his children except my father.

My father was the only person in their family who was not an optometrist but he was fortunate enough to marry my mother who was one.

This being said, I felt that being the eldest among the children and carrying the family name, I needed to continue the family legacy and take up optometry as well.

I decided to take up optometry because I honestly did not know what I wanted before in college. After passing the optometry licensure exam and finally establishing my own clinics to handle, I soon realized that I was getting burned out already and that I felt that I had come into a stand still for improvement.

I already lost the drive in me to move forward and to improve in my chosen field.
I then realized that I did not truly know what I wanted in life.

What I did after was I kept trying and figuring out what was truly my passion.
Because of this, it led me to establishing this website.

I came to realize that I enjoyed helping and motivating people.

I enjoyed teaching people how to be financially free and how they could handle their money.

It was this reason that I decided to write my first e-book and share it to everyone who was also searching and looking for a solution in life.

I knew that I was doing the right thing and this is what I truly wanted.

I could be able to affect positive change in people’s life and be able to give hope to everyone. That we can all achieve great things if we want to and that life is a process of improvement and self discovery.

Never give up and keep on searching.

Never put yourself down and maximize your mind and open your heart.

Our only limitation is the things we set our minds and if we truly knew the process then we can all maximize our potentials.

Everyday is another chance to reinvent ourselves. It is never too late to achieve greatness!

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