The Gift of Senyor Sto. Niño

It is only befitting that I start this blog post in honor of the Senyor Sto Niño.

Next Sunday will already be Dinagyang here in Iloilo City. This usually happens during the fourth Sunday of January and for the whole week prior, Iloilo transforms into a festive and merrymaking city.

Aside from that, Cebu is celebrating the Sinulog Festival, which is also very dear to me, today.

Why did I choose to talk about the Sto. Niño today when I should really be discussing how we could easily achieve financial freedom and success?

This is because the Sto Niño holds a very dear place in my heart.

In fact, I named my son in honor to Senyor Sto Niño. My three-year-old son’s name is Niño Emmanuel.

You see, I went to college for six years in Cebu City and worked there for another six years.

In the years that I was there, my mother would always tell me that if I ever had any problems, I should go to the Basilica and ask Senyor Sto Niño for help and everything was going to be alright.

This usually slipped my mind and I would just go my own way.

Fast forward to 2013, which was my last year in Cebu and also my last couple months working as an employee.

I was already going to transition from an employee to being a self-employed individual as I was given an opportunity to be a partner with my aunt in the province.

I had doubts if I would be able to handle it well. I was also feeling anxious about leaving my comfort zone, which was a stable job and all the benefits that came with it.

Sinulog was fast approaching and people were already preparing for the feast during my last year in Cebu. The city was getting more crowded with tourists and devotees. Decorations featuring Senyor Sto. Niño were popping up everywhere and the air was starting to feel festive.

The nine-day novena in honor of the Sto Niño before the big day was also about to start.

My friends were attending and since it was my last year in the city, I decided to attend the first-day novena with them.  After that, I was slowly being drawn to attend everyday.

On the ninth day, I was so shocked that I completed the entire course of the novena. After all those years living in Cebu, it was only during my last year that I had finally finished the nine-day novena.

A part of me felt great joy for the accomplishment I achieved. I knew then that everything was going to be alright. But aside from the joy I felt, there was also deep sadness in me, the realization that I only experienced the joy of attending the novena in my last year just before transferring to Iloilo, and I missed all those chances before when I was living in Cebu.

I’m not a religious person; not even a spiritual person before. Although, I go to mass every Sundays and also pray once in a while. It did not really sink into me to be all out to the Lord.

In fact, I am a sinner.

I’m just an ordinary person, who just like most of you want to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.  Who also makes mistakes and have my fair share of disappointments.

But after finishing the nine-day novena, something in me was awakened.

There was an inner peace in my heart telling me that everything was going to be alright.

A seed of faith was already being planted in me that was slowly growing.

My transition from an employee to being self-employed, then to being an entrepreneur was not smooth sailing at all. But because of what the Senyor Sto Niño has planted in my life, I was able to handle life’s challenges and gave me an open and eager heart.

This is a heart for service and faith where we can all be instruments of God’s love.

Although I can still say that I am not a religious person, this time around I can say that I am a spiritual person.

I am now a person that has more faith in the Lord, and I truly believe in the goodness of people’s hearts.

All my successes and what I attained in life I owe to the Lord.

Without the Lord’s grace, life’s successes would not be that meaningful and that our heart will not always  be contented.

If we permit the Lord to take hold of our life, then our lives will be more meaningful and more at peace.

It has always been my advocacy to promote financial literacy to everyone, and I have discovered with God’s grace that the path to financial freedom can be achieved by everyone not only by the rich.

It is given to anyone who truly desires it and is willing to make the necessary sacrifice to achieve it.

It is my hope that I could help you on your first step to financial freedom so that you will have more time with the people you love and care about.

Thank you and God bless!





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