Reviews and Testimonials



Love it! Definitely, a must read! It’s a simple easy to follow book, that leads anyone from where they are to whatever level of financial success they want to achieve.

Iris Guantero-Arquillano , Optometrist, independent Consultant and Area Manager of Arbonne – Los Angeles, California



This book is perfect especially for those who are having a difficult time on managing their finances. I really like it too because it is very inspiring for me to push myself and focus on reaching my goal. I would highly recommend it to my family and friends.

Bianca A. Lopez , Entrepreneur/Optometrist, Part-Owner of Pizza Cones Cebu – Cebu City


This book is a dream come true. As a seafarer, this will guide me in my journey to financial responsibility in terms of budgeting, retirement, and protection. Thank you and congratulations Brother June for the inspiration and for the success of this book. Your life and your ideas are truly inspiring. You are a blessing.

Vladimer B. Palomo ,  Writer/2nd Engineer Marines Services (Phils.) Inc – Dumangas, Iloilo


This book was masterfully crafted that will enable limitless financial possibilities for every individual from all walks of life. This will be your guide as you embark on a journey towards financial freedom and success.

John Christian Sanchez , Airline Employee – Manila, Philippines


If you’re at that point in your life when you are confronted with financial dilemmas or probably always get confused in making decisions that involve financial matters, I would highly recommend this book for you. It is completely packaged as it discusses almost every aspect of financial success and is absolutely easy to understand. With Biblical passages included, your financial journey won’t go wrong with this book.

Kirstine Lim , Entrepreneur/ Medical Representative – Bacolod, Philippines


One of the most influential and inspiring finance help books I’ve read. Very well written and I may say every Juan can relate to.

Simon Galelee A. Sabas, Operations Manager for Mercatis Plus International – Dubai UAE



A step-by-step guide to financial freedom. Great book! It gives you specific ideas on investing and also encourages you to have the motivation, the backbone of the entire process. June draws a lot from personal experiences and is good to read and know that someone shares the struggle and have come out successful. I like the part about the emergency fund as I absolutely don’t have one. I like the ideas on how to invest money and it gives you practical advice on how to do it. It also tackles common mentalities that people have about money. Very good read and very useful! This book is for anyone who wants learn how to effectively manage and grow his finances. As the title says.. for every Juan! Indeed!

Iza Marie B. Haspela, Nurse and First-time mom – New Zealand


A practical guidebook on financial freedom. Every Filipino should read this.


James Manuel Tarrosa, Founder: The Minimalist Financial Planner – Singapore



I’m pretty sure you will be motivated reading this book through your journey to financial freedom. Stay focused! God Bless!

Jessie Tuares Cabana, Director for membership Pinoywise Singapore Chapter – Singapore



“Getting out of financial debt is a real struggle for me. I’m still stuck regardless how much I work hard. This book is truly a motivation on how to handle finances and be out of debt. An easy guide to improve financial stability.”

April Jann-Marie C. Portillo, Nurse – Texas, USA


Realistic! Noteworthy ! This will be my guide towards my goal to financial stability.  I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and families !   Thank you Doc June , heaven sent to, very helpful.


Jennifer Yu Lao, Chief Optmetrist Chong Hua Hospital/ Entrepreneur-Owner LEC Marketing – Mandaue, Cebu


This book is very informative, definitely a must read. It motivates you to assess your personal goals and work towards achieving your financial future. A good source of knowledge on how to have financial stability and freedom.


Mel and Aimee Bilbao, Nurse – Texas, USA



This book made me realize that I have flaws in budgeting our finances. I thought I was on the right track since our family can handle our monthly bills. But I failed to think about our emergency fund and only save a little for our future knowing that both me and my husband are an OFW wherein employment is unpredictable. I admire the courage of the author to share his personal experience for the benefit of the readers. Congratulations!

Ma. Venus Magdayao-Briones , Admin Officer – Dubai, UAE


Awesome Dr. June. I’m not into books, but this really is valuable and worth the read. I will relay this to my family US. Everyone of us rich and poor has some form of struggle. This will be a great guide to anyone. Honored to have acquired this book. I wish you success and more great books to come.

Marie Chris Pacaña-Garcia, Chief Ophthalmic Technician – Maryland, USA



More than a guide book to financial wellness,  Amidst the many concerns and distractions of everyday life, June allows us to be in touch with our own sense of purpose and personal meaning.  The real wealth in this book is its daring to find God in the midst of our everyday life.  Be blessed in reading this volume as much as it has blessed me.

Br. JJ Jimenez FSC, De La Salle Brother – De La Salle University – Taft, Manila 



One great find! If you are looking for a book that is easy to understand and has a very realistic approach on how to earn money, this would be your first stop. It gives good advice and it also has excerpts from financial books that I used to read. A real eye opener for people who want to understand the science of earning more and keeping it that way.

Liezel Bon N. Carter, Operations Manager ADP- Metro Manila, Philippines



Clear and definite! Doc June’s “Every Juan’s Financial Success Handbook” will inspire and motivate you. His book reminds you everyday to move forward, to be prepared and to own your desires in life. The chapters in this book teach us that if we follow this path… Failure is impossible.

Charles Matiling, Principal Architect at CAM Design Group/ Entrepreneur – Iloilo City, Philippines



A great read meant to inspire and inform. Chuck-full of very helpful tidbits regarding finances that provides an overview for the absolute beginner and as a refreshing recap for those who are in the know. Information mixed with personal experience, this book is certainly a labor of love.


Kyle Marco Gollon, Entrepreneur/ Business Development Manager, PCM Express System, Inc. – Cebu City, Philippines


When I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. It is an easy read with easy relatable topics that’s been laid down with raw emotions from the author’s life experiences. It is an honest and humbling guide to those who are like me: starting a career and has been recently wed. Each topic is relevant and timely in our country’s present financial situation that makes each topic real. Most of all, I appreciate how the Catholic faith is merged with financial literacy. As a Catholic in this material and physical world, I appreciate how the author describes the role of money in our way of life and how we should use it with respect and conscience in His glory.

Congratulations to Doc June and his wife Glory for a successful read that will surely help many.

Therese Angelie H. Lumicday, Doctor –  Pediatric Anesthesiologist – Metro Manila, Philippines


June writes with sincerity as he shares his personal struggles and triumphs in his quest for financial freedom. Practical, informative, easy to understand and backed with biblical references, this book is truly a helpful guide to every Juan who aims to be financially free!

Mylene Barrido Celis, Project Coordinator/ Entrepreneur – Guam, USA