Employment or Entrepreneurship?

There has always been a debate on which is better between the two.

Is it better to be employed or to have your own business?

For me, it is both.

Not everyone is called to become entrepreneurs, and not everyone is cut-out for employment.

There needs to be a balance between the two because it will always be complimentary.

What will happen if everyone starts deciding to become entrepreneurs? There wouldn’t be any workforce left and people will be on their own surviving.

Aside from that, what if everyone decided to become employees?

Then progress will come to a halt.

It will always depend on what makes you happy.

If you are happy working in your present occupation because you are living out your potential – and you don’t feel burdened because of it – then by all means continue working.

What we should all learn is how to invest and make our money grow to give us passive income in the long run; whether we are employees or entrepreneurs.

This would allow you to do the things that you enjoy and still receive a steady income, even if you decide not to work anymore.

Income we get even when we are sleeping.

Strive to learn different ways of investing your hard earned money, so that you will not worry whether you decide to be an employee for the rest of your life or finally venture into business and become an entrepreneur.

What is important is you are living your purpose and what makes you truly happy.

Strive to be financially-free so that money will just be secondary and you can focus more on the important aspects of life.

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