About Me

My Vision

I want to help Filipinos reach financial freedom and achieve true wealth by giving everyone a simplified guide that people can easily turn to and relate to.

I want to show everyone that proper finances and wealth can be easily achieved if we are open to following the process that will help us attain financial freedom, and reach our dreams and goals.

My Mission

I want to educate and uplift the lives of our fellow Filipinos. I want to show everyone that no matter where you came from and what you’ve been through, there is still HOPE that we can all have a very fulfilling life.

A life free from debt with more time with the persons we value most.

A life where people don’t need to worry about finances or where to find money to buy food for the table.

A life where people can cherish the true aspect of life. A life dedicated to the betterment of everyone.

About Me

I am June Caezar Quiachon Acebedo.

I come from a family of optometrists.

I too am an optometrist by profession and, at the same time, a financial advisor.

I finished my primary education at St. Scholastica’s Academy, then my secondary education at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod.

I graduated with an optometry degree at Cebu Doctors’ University and rank 4th place on the local board exam.

I worked at my parent’s clinic after passing the board exams, then worked as a Clinical Instructor and a part-time teacher at my alma mater. After my short stint there, I transferred to Chong Hua Hospital to work as a staff optometrist for their eye center.

After my time as an employee, I transferred to Iloilo and opened my own clinic while being a partner with my aunt for a year and a half.

I ventured into businesses and had my fair share of failures as well.

I found my true passion along the way, and my desire to help inculcate financial literacy to everyone was awakened.

But, my journey was not smooth sailing.

Like you, I was financially illiterate before and my parents were as well.

I experienced the effect of how the lack of financial education could take a toll in one’s life.

When I was growing up, my parents would often argue because of the bad debts they made that could have been easily prevented through proper financial education.

It brought a strain to our family for a long time.

Because of this, I became motivated.

Surely this is not the life that I wanted to live.  I learned as much as I could about finances and also made mistakes, but I finally figured out what really works.

This took me almost ten years to finally solidify the strategies for personal finance and true wealth. If followed consistently, these strategies will lead you to more wealth and a more meaningful life.

This is a system so simple that anyone can easily follow it, yet is very elusive for most of us.

I give you all the gems that will help you in your journey to success and true wealth.

If you have exhausted everything and are still getting the same results, then this is designed for you.

It is truly my honor to guide you and share with you that there is still HOPE.

You are not alone, my friend.

We can decide with the Lord’s help to make our lives more meaningful and worth living.

I ask for a chance to be a part of your life. These strategies have done wonders for me, and I’m sure that this can also happen to you.

Allow me to share a part of me with you, my friend. We can all journey through life together living a purpose-filled life.